Accessibility Guidelines for Bloomsday

Are you thinking about seeing BLOOMSDAY but are unsure if it will meet your accessibility needs? This little guide will explain what is involved in this promenade-style event to help you to assess your own comfort and safety while attending.

What is a promenade show? This means that there is no permanent seating and that the audience will be asked to travel from scene to scene, following the performers. Audiences have the option of either standing or sitting on the ground to watch each scene.

Travel times – The furthest distance to travel between scenes is about 15 minutes, from the Beaches Library where we convene, to the Boardwalk, where we’ll have our first reading.

Terrain – The terrain covered includes grass, well-maintained pavement, and the boardwalk.

Wheelchairs – We have created an alternate route that is more accessible from the library, which follows only well-maintained pavement and a short route over boardwalk and grass. The route is technically accessible by wheelchair, but we ask patrons to assess their own comfort level when it comes to traveling on the grassy and boardwalk area. We are also able to accommodate patrons with mobility needs by having a volunteer travel with them to help assess comfort and safety between and at each performance site.

Seating – Unfortunately, due to the promenade nature of the show, we are not able to provide seating for our audience. If you have mobility needs that require you to sit during each scene, we ask that you bring your own foldable lawn chair that you will be able to easily transport between scenes.

We hope you are able to join us for BLOOMSDAY at KEW GARDENS!